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Sunday, December 23, 2007

This is Who I Am

About Me

Hi, my name is Juan David De Jesus. It is a bit difficult for me to write about myself...but here goes: I work at Warner Bros. I also give much of my time to an orphanage. This experience has truely been rewarding for me. Seeing the children grow up with happy and healthy lives gives me a lot of joy. I also like to fly airplanes. Soaring through the silent whispers of air also brings me a great joy...a joy I wish I could share with everyone. I have been flying since I was 16 years old. As far as sports, I love soccer. I am grateful to our Creator for life and health...for the ocean and the mountains...for all these beautiful things that we have around us. I really like going to the beach as the sun is going down and feel the warm cooling sand between my toes, feel the sea breeze and watch all of the sea gulls that are sitting there facing the setting sun as if in prayer. Moments later the whole ocean is glowing blue, red and orange and the distinction between sky, sea and earth is blurred...Creator and creation are joined.

Who I Am

What I Look for in Other People:

I respect all of those who respect others. The friends that I have are kind and generous and almost always think of others before themselves. Often we go off to the mountains and get lost in the forest.

Things I Like:

As I mentioned before, I love to's in my blood. When I am alone I enjoy reading a good book. I like watching movies, especially if it has something that flies. I like making new friends and sharing with them. And I like spending a lot of time with Cenizo my dog.

Things I Don't Like:

I do not smoke or drink. I have never been near any drugs. And I hate elevators.

Favorite Quote:

For in fire, gold is tested and worthy men in the crucible of humiliation.

Sirach 2,5

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